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An artificial inteligence that improves your investment decision making by filtering out the noise, providing relevant information and increasing the probability of success by better understanding of the risks involved.


Impartiality and transparency

We transmit data in a direct and accessible way, guaranteeing 100% objectivity

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No hidden agendas

We are here solely for the benefit of our users, with no special interests in mind

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Comprehensive analysis

Our algorithms carefully study a large amount of historial data from various markets over many years to discover and leverage repeating patterns. The power of deep neural networks, predictive algorithms, deep learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis, among others, all in one platform

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We analize most
stock markets

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Talking about us

Tailored to your needs we offer multiple services


01Fink AI Beta

  • The support you need in your decision making. If you have questions about something, just ask our tool
  • Made for all types of investors!
  • Get stop loss, take profit, as well as short or long entry suggestions for any stock
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The conversational model of our artificial inteligence, which gives answers to the questions you have

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02Growth AI Beta

  • Maximize expected returns and minimize risk with AI-based investment strategies
  • Choose the time horizon you want. You can choose between 14 and 250 days
  • Take the investor test, so that our algorithms can create a portfolio more customized to your investment needs
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Wealth growing tailored to your needs and investment profile. Made to maximize returns and minimize risk, while reflecting your values

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