Trade stocks easily thanks to Artificial Intelligence


Our algorithm

Detects wether the price of a stock is high or low, and what is its most probable range of variation during the week

Daily prediction of all stocks

Every day our algorithm analyzes the components of each market in order to identify:


Best Opportunities

Find out which stocks are at currently valued at an interesting price 


Expected Variability

Find out the most probable price variability range over the next 5 days

500+ stocks daily analyzed

500+ Daily Predictions

15k+ Historical Predictions

Free Predictions

Make confident, data-driven decisions

For less than your broker's commission,
we provide you with objective entry, exit and safety price zones


Add confidence to your decisions

Contrast your analysis and opinions with our predictions


Discover new opportunities

Our algortihm daily scans all stocks in search for the best opportunities


Optimize your

We help you increase your frequency of operations to decrease the time to return

You decide

We help you by bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to your fingertips


As simple as it gets

Strong buy

We scan the markets for good buying opportunities

Strong Sell

We scan the markets for good selling opportunities

500 +
daily predictions
8 +
international markets
15 k +
historical predictions

Backtesting Results

8.000+ backtested predictions since January 2021


What does it mean?🤔


A user with a conservative profile who trades only in the 1st zone:

(e.g. Strong buy → Buy)

Potentially would obtain an average return after losses of 0.61% per trade, i.e. a cumulative 61% afters 100 trades


A user with a conservative profile who trades only in the 2nd zone:

(e.g. Strong buy → Hold)

Potentially would obtain an average return after losses of 1.03% per trade, i.e. a cumulative 103% afters 100 trades

high_risk_icon (1)

A user with a conservative profile who trades only in the 3rd zone:

(e.g. Strong buy → Sell)

Potentially would obtain an average return after losses of 1.26% per trade, i.e. a cumulative 126% afters 100 trades

See for yourself!

Longer-term investor?

For those who wish to invest in a more passive way while preserving adequate risk management, our algorithms [1] compute a selection of stocks that maximize the expected return while minimizing the assumed risk


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Democratizing Stock Trading through A.I.

Our AI analyzes thousands of historical data across several years and different markets to find and exploit recurring patterns.

Put emotions aside when trading by setting objective entry, exit and risk limits (long and short stops).

Our algorithms daily scan every stock to identify good opportunities,  making your analysis easier.

We transmit in a simple and clear way what the data says.

Experts in Artificial Intelligence whose only goal is to put advanced analytics at your fingertips.

Our only goal is the benefit of our users.

Let A.I. put the odds in your favor