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We can help you figure out how StockFink can help you through a chat where you will speak with Aida, Project Lead & co-founder, and find out how AI can improve your financial freedom.

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Impartiality and transparency

We transmit data in a direct and accessible way, guaranteeing 100% objectivity

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No hidden agendas

We are here solely for the benefit of our users, with no special interests in mind

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Comprehensive analysis

Our algorithms carefully study a large amount of historial data from various markets over many years to discover and leverage repeating patterns. The power of deep neural networks, predictive algorithms, deep learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis, among others, all in one platform

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Do you want to invest and

Do you want to invest and don't know how to start?

don't know how to start?

It's never too late to invest and one of the things you'll learn in our manual is that the sooner you start the better.

In this small manual we give you:

  1. Stock investment basic vocabulary
  2. Necessary elements checklist before and after investing
  3. Investment strategies that we all must know
  4. Short test to determine the most suitable StockFink product according to your financial needs
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