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Surfers in green waters

Democratizing Financial Markets

Empowering Investors with AI

AI Assistants

AI for Financial Equity

Demystifying Financial Markets

This blogpost aims to help you understand what financial markets are, how they work and affect our daily lives, and the importance of our active participation in them. We’ll go through some of the reasons why you might not currently invest and untangle these, and what is at the core of simplifying all this: AI.

Written By: Lucas Fernández Brillet

Surfers in green waters


Hold and Buy

Investment Strategies

Choosing the right strategy: why lack of financial knowledge will not hold you back

In this blogpost, we'll explore two stock investing strategies anyone can use. We’ll present them through the lens of two hypothetical people, shedding light on whether investors without in-depth knowledge can still profit in the market.

Written By: Luiz Gabriel Bongiolo

Laptop with chart on table

Portfolio Diversification

CAPM Model

Market Analysis

Creating profitable investment portfolios: harnessing models for success

In this blog post, we will delve into asset pricing models, which attempt to answer the question: what should be the right price of a stock based on its characteristics and the overall market conditions? We’ll look at the different models there are, their differences, and how you can utilize them to construct a successful and diversified portfolio.

Written By: Matthew Smith

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Machine Learning


Stock Analysis

Language and stocks

This blogpost aims at demystifying artificial intelligence by showing how an important part of it called Natural Language Processing is used, and enabling you to understand some of the technology (incl. GPT) that we use in our products.

Written By: Anna Polyanskaya

The wind and clouds in a forest

Dynamic Systems



The certainty of uncertainty

This blog tries to explain two key concepts in the world of stock market investment to convert uncertainty into certainty: 1) without risk there is no benefit, and decision making always has uncertainty 2) you have to be able to differentiate between noise and information, and having complete information, 3) knowing what to ask is more important than knowing the answer.

Written By: Juan Luis Fernández Martínez

A desk with computer displaying a trading software

Machine Learning


Fundamental Analysis

The power of Artificial Intelligence in investment

In this blog we want to explain what artificial intelligence tools are applied to financial markets closely so that we better understand how they work, and how they can increase our possibilities and opportunities.

Written By: Pablo Calatayud