Frequently asked questions

What is StockFink's objective?

Our goal is for everyone to have equal access to stock market investment so that people can improve their financial lives. We want to do this with 100% objective and quality information for individual investors to improve their investment strategies. Through tools made with algorithmic technology, with easy to understand content.

What markets do we analyze?

Our algorithms analyze the main American and European stocks on a daily basis. At the moment, these are the main indexes we analyze: NASDAQ100, SP500, NYSE, EuroStoxx50, Ibex35, CAC40, DAX40 and FTSE100.

Can I have an interview with SF?

If you want to tell us about your experience with any of our products, or if you need advice, we provide you with this e-mail address so that you can contact us and we will find solutions to your doubts.

What do I need to trade in the stock market?

To begin with you need to be clear about how much you are willing to invest. You also need to choose a broker, this is the entity that acts as an intermediary between you and the market. We can recommend you some broker applications such as: Etoro and Pepperstone.

Which technologies are used?

StockFink uses a wide range of machine learning techniques to analyze historical stock price data, technical and fundamental data for each company, as well as relevant news and events. The techniques we employ include time series analysis, classification and regression algorithms, linguistic programming techniques, and deep and reinforcement learning.