At StockFink we have created StockFink Academy, because we believe that empowering small investors requires advanced artificial intelligence techniques and increased financial literacy.

In this two hours online course we will provide a pragmatic introduction to the world of the stock market using the StockFink™️ methodology, Artificial Intelligence applied to daily help in the independent selection of the best investment opportunities.

Our Course

💡 This course is suitable both for people who want to enter the world of trading and investing in the stock market, as well as for those who already have experience in the stock markets.

✔️ In addition, so that you can put into practice what you have learned from day one, the course includes a free one-month subscription to the StockFink™️ platform forecasts for all components of the Ibex35, IbexC, IbexS, along with a selection of the best daily opportunities from the Nasdaq-100, NYSE-100 and EuroStoxx-50.


Course + support + 1 month predictions included (valued at 49€/month)


1. Intro & stock market basics

🕒  ~20 min

2. What do I invest in?

🕒  ~20/30 min

3. The StockFink™️ methodology

🕒  ~30 min

4. Trading week with StockFink™️

🕒  ~30-45 min


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Curso + 1 mes de subscripción: 40€

Curso + 3 meses de subscripción: 100€

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